What does a QR do?

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QR Codes are everywhere

I am sure that you have seen these black and white squares printed on posters, flyers, and other promotional materials everywhere. You have tried scanning a QR code already and it either redirected you to a website or a discount promo. Some products also have these on and when scanned, it shows you the product information. But QR Codes are not only limited to redirecting you to certain links. Did you know that you can store so much information in these?


What is a QR Code?

The QR in QR Code stands for Quick Response, which goes to say that they can easily be read by smartphone’s camera. It originated from Japan where it was first designed for the automotive industry. It uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to efficiently store more data about the item that it is attached to. QR codes are more useful than the standard barcodes because they allow for more storage of data including URL links and text. Anyone can easily download and install a free mobile app that lets you scan and read QR codes. QR codes are very popular across many industries and are being utilized in product tracking and identification, time tracking, and document management — basically, in general marketing.


How can you utilise QR codes?

We have listed down ways on how and where you can incorporate QR codes. You can include them in any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, outdoor advertising, TV ads, and etc.

You can store so many information such as below:

  • Product information
  • Promo details
  • Discount coupons
  • Event invitation and details
  • Contest details
  • Social media URL (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc)
  • Link to your Youtube channel or video
  • You can also incorporate QR codes in your business cards and store as much information about your personal contact or company information. Save the trouble of typing down lengthy details. Have a QR code that stores your name, contact number, email address, and office address that can be easily saved in your phone’s address book.


So many information can be stored in a QR Code and it can be integrated in numerous ways in marketing and even in rewards and loyalty programs for your brand. We have incorporated the use of QR Code in IRIS Rewards, the latest offering of iRiver Systems. Read more about what IRIS Rewards is and how we integrated it in our IRIS Rewards QR Code Scanner app.