How Product Sampling and Rewards Redemption Can Help Your Brand

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How Product Sampling and Rewards Redemption Can Help Your Brand

Everybody loves freebies. And what better way to draw in more consumers to your product than to present them with something they can’t resist – free samples and rewards redemption. Product sampling has long been an excellent promotion strategy for brands who want to get their products out there. Giving away product samples and running a contest and prize redemption campaign provide plenty of opportunities for optimum awareness.

Product sampling and rewards redemption can raise brand awareness

 Providing free product samples allows more people to directly experience your brand. It gives them better understanding of the product – the feel, the taste, the smell and the overall packaging – and what benefits they can get from the product. This enables you to start developing a connection with your target consumer and market your brand. Furthermore, brands that engage users with great rewards redemption are more likely to gain loyal customers. It builds brand-consumer relationship and enhances customer experience.

Provide an easy way to get reviews and feedback

Consumers’ assessment of your product is of high importance. Offering giveaways and rewards redemption can help populate your reviews on social media sites and testimonial pages. Brands can take advantage of the “hype” to further drive engagement and boost sales. In addition, sending out free samples to bloggers and editors will help get the word out and obtain the promotions your product needs.

Make a great thank-you gift for existing customers

Treating your loyal customers to something extra special creates a law of reciprocity. There’s nothing like popping in a few freebies with the orders to provide better consumer experience and establish a closer connection with your customers. Additionally, you can encourage them to purchase more of your products and join a rewards redemption contest to be able to redeem codes and exciting prizes.

Help brand gain more fans and followers on social media channels

Set up a page and devise a social media marketing strategy to reward loyal consumers and potential customers with great prizes and freebies. For example, brands can use a hashtag (i.e. #giveaways) to capture the attention of customers on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Exhibiting a smart product sampling, rewards redemption and digital marketing strategy can convert interested shoppers into long-term costumers.

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