The Benefits of Digital Product Sampling

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Brands have been experimenting with product sampling and using it as some sort of a promotions strategy to introduce new products and drive customer loyalty for many years. Thanks to technology advancements, businesses have taken consumer engagement up a notch through digital product sampling and rewards redemption. A growing number of brands continue to take advantage of various digital platforms and run a prize redemption and social sampling campaign, and reap the rewards in terms of increased customer engagement and sales conversion.

Digital product sampling takes the cake when it comes to cost-effectiveness

Digital product sampling offers a win-win scenario for both consumers and brands

Digital product sampling takes the cake when it comes to cost-effectiveness. As opposed to traditionally giving away free product samples to customers and potential consumers, online product sampling contains costs and minimises wastage. It offers customers the convenience of just printing off the coupons at home or saving the QR codes on their mobile phones to redeem free samples and freebies at the store on their next shopping trip.

Social media channels provide ready-made audiences

Another advantage of running a digital product sampling campaign is it allows you to take advantage of the social media platforms’ highly targeted media and create enticing visual content. Whether you’re planning to conduct an Instagram or Facebook product sampling campaign, you can consider your followers/fans as ready-made audience to drive trial or promote a new product. This is also a great way to receive feedback and testimonials, as well as increase online activity and brand awareness.

It helps brands acquire more fans/followers

By integrating a strong call to action with your digital product sampling and trial campaign, the chances of increased customer engagement via social media platforms are high. This enables followers or fans to share your offers with their connections, helping your audience grow exponentially.

Data tracking comes easy

Conducting a product trial in this digital age comes with a lot of perks. Hassle-free data capture and tracking are just some of them. Brands can ask for the email address of the customer prior to issuing a free sample which they can then redeem by presenting their prize redemption coupon to the redemption store. These redemption coupons or vouchers usually include a unique coupon number or QR code. The store then monitors the consumer’s use of the coupon and track which store or shop they redeemed their prizes from. This further drives a deeper brand-consumer connection, allowing brands to have a follow up conversation with the consumer and encourage them to purchase their products.

IRIS Rewards, a mobile redemption app and prize management platform, offers an efficient way to run your redemption activity and so much more! IRIS Rewards can generate unique QR codes to each of your registered participants, providing hassle-free redemption process. Consumers only need to save their QR codes on their smartphones, come down to the store to have it scanned using the IRIS Rewards Scanner App. IRIS Rewards Admin Module can then monitor and show real-time tracking of the consumers’ redemption status and even give you demographic insights.

If you need help managing your digital product sampling, rewards redemption and prize management activities, IRIS Rewards offers a reliable platform that ensures smooth and efficient transactions. From providing easy database integration to real-time tracking of redemption status, we take the stress out of managing your trial and product sampling activities, allowing you to focus more on your business objectives. Click here for more details.