The Era of Digital Product Sampling

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Engagement has always been among the top priorities of businesses. And product sampling is generally considered by marketers, brands, and FMCG companies as an effective technique and promotions strategy to foster engagement, enhance product familiarisation and brand loyalty, and increase sales conversion. This includes distributing free product samples or giving away freebies to target consumers. While giving away free samples is proven effective, it also involves high investments.

Manage your digital product sampling campaigns

The rise of digital product sampling

The digital age introduces numerous ways for brands to reach a wider audience without hurting their budget. More and more people are staying online and using social media channels on a daily basis, paving the way for brands to conceptualise smart marketing strategies and run rewards redemption and online product sampling campaigns to spark the interest of their target consumers and drive engagement.

For instance, Facebook is the most widely used social media channel that provides an ideal platform for brands to execute an engaging social sampling campaign. Facebook product sampling offers multi-faceted benefits. Brands are able to post compelling content that promotes deeper brand-consumer interaction, and track the progress through social media analytics tools. In addition to allowing brands to run digital product sampling campaigns in a form of prize redemption coupons and Facebook registration social apps, this alternative platform reduces and even eliminates the substantial costs of traditional product sampling such as manufacturing and staff. To top it all off, going digital provides brands the convenience of easily switching the activity on and off or making adjustments to the offers.

What we can offer

Do you need help in running and managing your digital product sampling campaigns? IRIS Rewards, a complete Rewards Redemption Management Solution can efficiently and accurately manage your sampling and redemption campaigns, whether it’s on Facebook or using our free standard microsite page that clients. With IRIS Rewards, you can run hassle-free product sampling and redemption activity just by scanning consumers’ QR codes. You will even get access to actionable insights that show you your performance tracking, consumers’ demographics, and product inventory to help you make informed business decisions for your next campaigns. Contact us here for more details.