What is IRIS Rewards?

IRIS Rewards is a business intelligence solution owned and developed by created by iRiver Asia. It offers marketers an efficient tool to help them manage their product sampling and reward redemption activities such as contest giveaways, gift with purchase, and register to redeem campaigns.


It consists of two platforms: the mobile QR Code Scanner & Verifier App and  Rewards Redemption Management Suite, together they provide transaction speed, accuracy, and efficiency, making it easy for marketers to manage their rewards redemption and prize fulfillment activities.


IRIS Rewards also provides real-time performance tracking, consumers’ demographics, and product inventory to help marketers make informed business decisions and drive business growth.


Rewards Redemption Management Suite

  • Features:
    • Live integration of registered consumers or one-click importing of database in CSV file
    • Generate unique QR code per consumer to be verified to redeem rewards
    • Send email confirmation to consumers containing their unique QR codes and information on how to redeem prizes
    • 24/7 access to real-time data of consumers' registered information and their redemption activity (such as redemption status, date and time and location of redemption)
    • Generate actionable insights from summary reports on registered consumers' demographics (age, gender, location)
    • Track summary of accomplished versus pending redemptions per location or prize item

QR Code Scanner & Verifier App