During Redemption:

  • Where can I have my QR code scanned to redeem my reward or free samples?

Answer: During the online registration process, you were asked to select your preferred store from the list of available redemption stores. Please refer to the confirmation email sent to your registered email addresses for your chosen redemption store.

  • My QR code cannot be scanned but I have not redeemed my reward / samples yet. How can I redeem?

Answer: Each unique QR code can only be scanned once to redeem a reward. Once it has been scanned, it may not be used to redeem again. In the event that your QR code cannot be scanned even if you have not redeemed yet, please email the following details to support@irisrewards.com

  1. Screenshot of your QR code
  2. Unique Code
  3. Name
  4. Contact number
  5. Selected redemption store
  6. Date and time when you had your QR code scanned

We will check your redemption details in our system and shall contact your right away for confirmation and further instructions.

  • I will not be available to redeem my reward. Can I send someone to redeem it on my behalf?

The person who registered and is qualified to redeem a reward is required to present his QR code and NRIC in order to redeem.