1. Consumer to register his details on the registration form of the product sampling or redeem voucher campaigns. 

Client may use the free IRIS Rewards Standard Registration Form (as seen in the image on the right) for their product sampling registration or may have a separate Facebook app or microsite page for their register-to-redeem activity.

2. After successful registration, Consumer will receive an email notification containing his unique QR code and information about how to redeem free product samples or dscount vouchers, among others.

3. Consumer must save his unique QR code on his smatphone or tablet and proceed his selected redemption location. Have the QR code scanned by the store staff using the IRIS Rewards QR Code Scanner app.

4. Once QR code is scanned, the IRIS Rewards QR Code Scanner app will verify if Consumer is qualified to redeem. If qualified, the store staff to click "Confirm" on the app and proceed to give the reward to Consumer. The QR Code Scanner app is integrated to the IRIS Rewards Admin Module and automatically updates the Consumers' redemption status and details in real time.