How it works:

1. A redemption centre (the location where redemption activity is held) will have one tablet with the IRIS Rewards QR Code Scanner app installed on it. 

The redemption centre representative must login using the provided account details in order to use the app.

2. Once logged in, the redemption centre representative may now start scanning QR codes.
3. The app will show a Confirmation page if scanning is successful and if consumer is verified to redeem a reward. It will display the consumer's registered information.
4. The redemption centre representative should click the "Confirm Redemption" button to update the backend of Admin Module that the consumer has already redeemed his reward. It will also automatically update the Inventory report of rewards to record how many has been redeemed already and how many remains.
5. Click "Scan a new QR code" button to proceed to scan next consumer's QR code.